Mark Sharman, CPA

Hi, my name is Mark Sharman, and I am passionate about helping people realize their dreams by doing what they love and succeeding in their business. I have met some great people out there with amazing talents like jewelry-making, photography, auto preservation, custom home design and construction, website design, you name it, but unfortunately the realities of finances and running their business keep them from realizing their dream of making a living with their passion. I have been drawn back to this reality time and time again and I came to a point where I have found that my dream is helping others reach theirs. I realized that if I am going to reach my dreams, I needed to take the path of small business owner and entrepreneur. In seeking this passion, I founded a business model in Sharman CPA that would match my skills and abilities with helping people manage their business and, more specifically, establish practical and sound financial processes.

A little history on the road I have traveled… I was born and raised in Australia until I was 8, when I moved with my family to Michigan and later to Colorado. I joined the Marine Corps after high school and spent my tour in Albany, GA. I then wrapped up my undergrad and went to work as a manager with the Target Corporation. The last job I held before I struck out as an entrepreneur myself was as an Accountant in Colorado Springs. I have over 15 years of experience in roles such as Certified Public Accountant, Bookkeeper, Operational Group Leader, Supply Chief, Budget Administrator, and Foundation Relations Manager.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and I have a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Financial Management. I am also a Certified Public Accountant within the State of Colorado (license number 31457). While others have talents in much more creative and interesting areas, I have found that am really good with numbers, systems, processes, researching, problem-solving, and building business models and systems. It might not sound like fun, but what I really enjoy is helping others create, build, and run successful small businesses. Some of the many types of businesses I that I have served in this role includes restaurants, malls, grocery stores, online and brick & mortar retail stores, medical equipment, car repair, non-profits, construction, dentists, chiropractors, schools, daycare, personal bookkeeping, health and beauty, telecommunications consulting, churches, barbershops, and more.

So I would be completely remiss if I did not tell you about the joys of my life – my wife and my three ladies!  My lovely wife, Ruth and my 3 young daughters, Eva, Norah, and Violet make this all worth doing! We live here in Fort Collins and enjoy spending time as a family, exploring, hiking, and, of course, helping people who cross our paths. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to meet you soon!


We also enjoy hosting a variety of people in an addition to our home through Airbnb – if you are coming to town, check our place out!


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