Income Tax Preparation & Planning

We offer Income Tax Preparation and Planning services to individuals and business clients. We will consider completing business returns for businesses that do not work with us for other services, but we find that it ends up being just as costly for the business for us to perform a year’s worth of work at once, and the business owner really gains little from the tax services except completing the required returns.

Simply put, our goal is to help your business be successful, and we cannot accomplish that goal through tax services alone. For our current clients, tax services are a much-needed, helpful addition to the services we already provide. Not only this but with an intimate knowledge of your business, we can save you time and money in completing your returns while reducing your risk of errors that could lead to IRS and State audits.

To serve our clients, we provide the following Income Tax Preparation and Planning Services:

  • Prepare required IRS and State forms accurately and thoroughly.
  • A careful review of all deductions and credits you qualify for.
  • Electronic return filing.
  • Payroll withholding or estimated payment review to ensure appropriate taxes are being withheld and paid.
  • Tax planning for the next tax year to further reduce tax liabilities in future years.
  • Review of options to reduce tax liability through tax-advantaged investments, smoothing income and expenses from year-to-year, and reviewing all expenses eligible for deductions.

If you are looking for a trusted accountant who can provide you the full range of quality services including income tax returns at a great price, give us a call!

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