Payroll Tax Returns

  • Returns
    • Quarterly 941 FICA Returns
    • Annual 944 FICA Return
    • Annual 940 Federal Unemployment Return
    • State Withholding Returns
    • State Unemployment Returns
  • Annual W-2/W-3 and 1099/1096 Filings
    • Ensure you are following IRS guidelines in distinguishing between Employees and Contractors
    • 1099 Contract Labor payment analysis, IRS compliance
    • Timely W-2 and 1099 processing and submission to employees, contractors, the IRS, and State Department of Revenue
  • Payment Scheduling
    • Semi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual Federal Tax payments
    • Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual State Withholding payments
    • Quarterly State Unemployment payments
  • Payroll Reports
    • Understand the true cost of employees
    • Cash flow planning
  • Payroll Account Liability Cleanup
    • We will help you work with the state or federal departments to clean up past outstanding liabilities.
    • Help setting up installment payment plans
    • QuickBooks cleanup to ensure accurate past, present, and future filings link
  • Audit Processing and Report Preparation
    • Annual Worker’s Compensation Audits
    • Unemployment Claims and Disputes
    • IRS/Social Security Audits
    • Child Support Audits
  • Payroll Accounts Setup

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